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The semester projects are done in collaboration with either ongoing research projects or industry. Due to the high relevance of the education, a large number of the project proposals are normally suggested by industry. For inspiration, we below list some of the companies with whom students have collaborated in recent years:

Grundfos, LEGO, Disney, B&O, Skywatch, Unity, Movidius, The Louvre Museum, Terma, Milestone Systems, Thales, COWI, Danish Navy, Blip Systems, Viking-life, Agilent, Unwire, SpeechOp ApS,  JLI Vision, Navicon, LogoPaint A/S, Danish national TV (DR), Innoscan, HSA, Marel, CLAAS,  Fingerprints, Oticon …

During the education, students are encouraged to do either a study abroad or an internship. Internships can be both in Denmark or abroad (for example in the companies mentioned above).  In recent years, VGIS students have studied abroad in these countries: USA, UK, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Spain, China, Ireland, and Canada. USA has especially been a popular destination. Examples include:

– Obama’s robotics advisor Henrik I. Christensen, Georgia

– Oscar Award recipient Henrik Wann Jensen, California

– Disney Research, Pennsylvania

Lab for Intelligent & Safe Automobiles, California